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Powersafe connectoren set 500A Powersafe | Line drain en source set | 500A connectoren | 10 stuks

Powersafe 500A stekkers | complete set, drain en source | N, earth, L1, L,2 en L3 | tot 150 mm²
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Powersafe Connectors

What are the types of Powersafe connector?

There are two primary types of Powersafe Connector.

'Line Connector' or 'Inline' connector acts as the electrical plug for connection between an appliance and the power source. The line connector consists of an insulated casing with a single pole that fits into a Powersafe socket. The connectors are fitted with a spring loaded plastic cap that prevents accidental finger touching of the contact. Powersafe contacts are available to suit power cable from 25mm² to 300mm².
'Panel Mount Connector' or 'Mounted Connector' acts as the electrical socket for connection with a Powersafe Line Connector. The Panel Mount connector is mounted onto a distribution board or panel through 4 fixing holes on the flange. The Panel Mounts are terminated with M12 threaded post to a standard lug. Panel Connectors are supplied fully assembled with an M12 nut and spring washer for secure connection.
Panel Mount

Connector Gender Explained

Powersafe connectors are available in Source (Male Contact / Female Insulator) & Drain (Female Contact / Male Insulator) format. 

Source Connectors are usually the live end of the connection. Source connectors have a Male Contact and a Female Insulator.

Drain Connectors are usually not live ends and receive the connection. Drain Connectors have a Female Contact and a Male Insulator.

Source & Drain Line Connectors

Line Connector Configuration Help

Termination: How are Powersafe Connectors terminated?

There are 2 types of termination for Powersafe, Crimp and Set Screw
Crimped Termination
Crimp Terminations have a different sized crimp bucket on the copper contact to allow a range of cable sizes. Crimp terminations allow for an incoming cable range of 25mm² – 300mm². Phase 3’s standard size is 120mm² and 240 mm², which for instance fits with standard sized HO7RNF power cable. We recommend 3 hexagonal crimps are made with a certified crimp tool to terminate safely.

Set Screw Termination
Set Screw Terminations use standard set screws to secure the connector to power cable. This type of plug are considered a temporary termination as screws can be removed with an Allen Key to remove the connector and reuse the cable. Set Screw Connectors have a standard 120mm² size and for any cable smaller (95mm² – 25mm²) a reduction kit is used to fit the contact and cable.

Set Screw Torque Minimum is 10.5 Nm
Cable Jacket Strip Length is 33mm
For more information on terminations and assembly, view our Powersafe Assembly Guide.

Clamping Range: what are the Gland Sizes?

After selecting your Termination, you will be asked to define your Clamping Range. Clamping Range determines the size of the gland we assemble onto the back of your connector – this is defined by the size of your cable. The gland grips your cable to ensure an IP rating and secure connection of the connector.

We use 4 types of gland: M50, M40B, M40A and M40S (a bush is supplied for a M40SS gland)
M50 M40B M40A M40S M40SS
Crimp 300mm² Crimp 300mm² Crimp 150mm² Set Screw 120mm² Set Screw 70mm²
Crimp 240mm² Crimp 240mm² Crimp 120mm² Set Screw 95mm² Set Screw 50mm²
Crimp 185mm² Crimp 185mm² Crimp 95mm²   Set Screw 35mm²
  Crimp 150mm² Crimp 70mm²   Set Screw 25mm²
  Crimp 120mm² Crimp 50mm²    
  Set Screw 120mm² Crimp 35mm²    
    Set Screw 120mm²    

Panel Mount Connector Configuration Help

Termination: How are Powersafe Panel Mount Connectors terminated?

Panel Mount are secured with an M12 threaded post termination. The standard connector is mounted to a panel through 4 fixing holes on the flange. As an alternative, flange holes can be fitted with M6 threaded inserts for either front or rear fixing. Panel connectors are supplied fully assembled and ready for direct mounting to equipment.

1. When the panel Connector is mounted in equipment: remove the nut and washer from the threaded post section.
2. Fit your selected terminal or accessory (i.e lug) over the threaded area.
3. Refit the Washer and bolt on to the threaded area and tighten to a maximum of 12 – 14Nm.

For more information on terminations and assembly, view our Powersafe Assembly Guide.

Panel Mount Amps, what is T5 and T8?

Powersafe industrial sockets are rated either 500 amp (T5) or 800 amp (T8).

The ‘T’ stands for Threaded Post Termination. The ‘5’ and ‘8’ stand for 500A and 800A respectively.